Stop Abuse

Stope Abuse

My Indignation, vexation, shame with every aspect of human abuse under the UK Priest’s Red Carpet.

Child abuse has been kept under cover for years in a row.

In the Island of the well versed and saints and a country dominated by the catholic church peope were concerned about touching the wounds of phisical, emotional and sexual violence children were imposed under the care of the religious order supposed to guarding them.

Books were published about the atrocity and cruelty but disregarded under the thought they were simply fantasies.

As people were writing about the terrifying reality of their own experiences more and more the fear was dicipating and the world outside even more came to believe what couldnt be a fantasy.

Now those victims receive a poor apology from the church and government as if apologies were fair enough to heal those wounds that stayed there deeply into their souls, their mind and their hearts.

Those who hurt will never understand, at least in this life, that the bruises fade but the pain lasts forever.