As a girl I know most of us love make up and today, natural makeup is coming in hand for everyone because natural doesn’t compromise our beauty, our health, the quality of products or our conscience. So I decided to share a few tips I use in my daily life. I get my glow on with base cosmetics containing vitamins and antioxidants to fight free radicals and protect the skin.


I like makeup in my eyes making me sparkling, confident, compassionate and seductive so I go for makeup with ingredients I feel confident about. I look for the one that can be easily absorbed through the sensitive skin around my eyes and the mucous membranes there, too.

I apply shades of shadow in the crease of the eye lid, and lighter shades spread evenly around the whole lid. For a dramatic look, I use wet eyeliner and smudge to blend.


I use natural make up powder. they create and even toned skin without using talc, which maybe harmful when inhaled.

After mousturizing, I pat my face dry and gently dab each blemish or dark area with concealer. I apply a powder which matches my skin tone, you can find out wht color matches your skin tone just testing before on you inner side of your wrist.

I take my time to learn new techniques for the best look and make a mix and match experience putting eye shadows on cheeks, blush on lips and so on. Most of times you can get a really hot result!


I choose natural lip care and color with nutritive ingredients that hydrate and soothes my lips…without anything I wouldnt want to swallow cos lipstics have the juiciest names but doesn’t mean at all that all the lipstic I swallow has the benefits of a smoothie.


To brush, blot and dab with expertise I use high quality tools, doesnt mean expensive. It means I choose brushes, sponges and facial pads that matches the quality of my natural makeup, such as natural bristle brushes and organic cotton balls. I also take good care of them, I wash them gently with bristles facing down to keep water out of the barrel. I use a mild shampoo, rinse throroughly, reshape, and lay to dry on a incline.

Now, what is hot in makeup?

Mineral Makeup. This newest trendy in beauty is getting glowing recommendations. Dermatologists love the skin health benefits from ingredients that help calm the skin and allow it to breathrather than cover up problems and Ilove the professional results and the weightless feeling from makeup that doesnt “cake” in fine lines.

Most mineral makeup is made primarilly of natural-occurring minerals, and natural pigments are used in place of the artificial colors found in conventional cosmetics. Light-reflective minerals in the products provide a subtle, healthy glow and protection from the sun.

But be aware: Not all makeup labeled ”mineral” is natural. Always check the ingredients and buy from a source you trust.