mata atlantica

The extinction of a large native vegetation area and destruction of important rivers are on the top of many other threatening situations.
The worst part is knowing that behind of that all is, of course, the human behavior.

We are altering important cycles of the planet and that happens in Brazil due to economic activities like in many developing country. the effects of some of those problems like fauna and flora destruction will only come up in a distant future.

Also, there are the consequences that might’ve been outbraking at any time, a pipeline or a nuclear plant licking, leaving a critical situation in the region.

The indication of ecological vulnerability is too serious. Several non government organizations (ONGs) are impelled to develop projects to feint the problems and try alerting the governants while there’s still time.

This sorta action can bring very good results as and example of about 20 years ago, the prognostics about the atmospheric pollution in the major brazilian cities were the scariest possible: many specialists would envision that in the year 2000 cars couldnt be allowed to drive around Sao Paulo city.

After a few changes in the law, controlling pollutants emission became even much rigourous and the scary foresights didnt become true: cars keep on driving around Sao Paulo but now in a better ecological version.

This could be an example to be followed in many other cases of enviroment threaten and by many other country and people who doing each one their part working with given hands to help our planet come back up to its normal standard of health.

From Abril Magazine