Look what I just got !!!

Natura, Brazilian most famous Body Care brand. Quality and Environment Concernment is what makes Natura a Top Brand. Their Products are made with 100% essential oils, vegetable extracted in a sustainable manner and Organic alcohol, tested dermatologically, no animal product used and no animal test made. I love Natura and I just use Natura. I use their oils, perfumes, bar and liquid soaps, make up, just everything. I do try another products but Natura is on top for me.

Ekos Line

That Soap Set is composed of 03 soap bars, passion fruit, pitanga and andiroba, I wish you could feel the perfume of it,
they come hung by a handmade sisal cord in a very charming and elegand Natura box, this is a limited edition only, I got 5 boxes, guaranteed mine and going to post the rest of them at my ebay store

Lemon grass body splash

What about this lemon grass body splash, made with organic alcohol, the fragrance is unique and I can count on a really refreshing and pleasant feeling after shower, can’t wait to wear mine (^_^)