All of those Control Panels items are existent components in the “C://windows/system32” folder and you can easily access them without having to go thru Control Panel. Just go to: Start >> Run >> and enter either one of the controls below depending on what you trying to do, here they are:

* appwiz.cpl – Install/Uninstall Windows programs and funcionalities;
add and remove programs

*desk.cpl – Windows Display Settings;
display settings

*firewall.cpl – Windows Firewall Settings ;
firewall settings

*hdwwiz.cpl – Adding Hardware Assistant;
hardware wizard

*inetcpl.cpl – Internet Properties;
internet properties

*intl.cpl – Region and Idiom Properties;
regional options

*main.cpl – Mouse Properties;
mouse properties

*mmsys.cpl – Sound and Audio Device Properties;
sound properties

*ncpa.cpl – Network, dialup and VPN;
network connections

*powercfg.cpl – Power Settings;
power options

*sysdm.cpl – System Properties;
system properties

*timedate.cpl – Date and Time Properties;
time properties

*wscui.cpl – Windows Safety Center;
security center