scrap cane

This week is being so busy, thank God is gone but I think I ‘ll have pretty much like this one for the next 6 months.

Too much work, hard drives are crazy and with that a lot of desperate clients calling for me to rescue their data (what I do with pleasure, cos I know how hard it is to lose your data, sometimes, for so long storaged) too much studies, gotta anatomy tests right and left and still must keep up with the gym with my son, Yoga classes and helping my neighbor with learning how to drive, I’m so happy I can lift people’s spirits up to the point they are sure they can do anything and then do it.

But despite of so many stuff to keep up with I made something out of my scrap clay that I particularly loved. I love the element of surprise of everything especially scrap clay and the things you can do with them.

So I just took my time, distressed and made it out of nothing and thats one of the best features of clay, you don’t need to be precise, you just need to let your imagination flow and there you go, no stop signs.