A Compulab an Israely engineering consulting company who released the Industrial smartphone, Exeda, is now about, since March 2009 I think, with the tiniest Industrial Pc in the world The Fit PC-2 a Full-featured PC, tiny and power saving as they say, crucial smaller and even powerful than the brother Fit Pc-1.

The Fit PC-2’s most strikinly feature is his size only 115 x 101 x 27 mm roughly smaller than a compact disc, 1″ high and a 16oz weight. You could easily call it a pocket pc if it wasn’t for the use of peripherals like cables and screen.

Fully loaded, designed around Intel Atom Z530 CPU @1.6GHz rather than the N270, 802.11g WiFi, 1GB DDR2, 1000Mb Ethernet, 160GB Hard disk, USB*6, DVI display interface, 1920×1080, Audio I/O, IR, 12V supply, 5W SDIO, and PCI Express.

The Fit Pc-2 reduces power comsumption in more than 60% and his price is running about $400 with windows and sata hard drive included.

Since Colosus, companies are making machine sizes going down everyday and with features like those only limited by the softwares it does make me think where we’re going to end up. I ‘ll just wait and see then.