Just heard of a new blog and went right by there to check it out and, surprisingly, for me, I could watch a beautiful testimony of a beautiful girl who denominates herself a ”big girl” Well, I dont think she’s that big but the thing is her blog is awesome and I loved it.

It’s a blog full of fun, information and good vibes, showing big girls how to pull through the difficulty of being ”big” discovering from the inner self the ability to cope with ignorance and bringing out the ability to love themselves for what they are.

Being big doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy, sensual, beautiful, attractive, smart, intelligent, elegant, you can have all of those qualities and even more, much more I can say. You are a person, that’s who you are, a person with feelings and brain, a person who can love and be loved, you are a person, not a size, so look inside and find out how wonderfully you can enjoy life, being happy and making people happy.

This is what reading that testimony made me feel and I hope those girls, no matter what happens, do not keep from bringing to us their thought and feelings and sharing with us what only us can feel on our skin, the happily truth of being big.

Thank you Mulherao