Tasty and Nutritious

Was just chilling at home and suddenly got that hunger feeling craving something sweet, something to warm up my inner like a large cup of hot chocolate or a buttery croissant with nutella, wait up a minute!!!!! I couldn’t have that just now, I can have it sporadically but not after all the damage I made on Christmas and Revellion parties so the least I can do to help my body heal from all that aggression is trying to eat the cleanest possible without losing, of course, the flavor of a good food.

Went then over my cabinets and found a pretty good whole wheat toast with fiber I bought at an organic supermarket near my gym 80kcal, just spreaded a wedge of light creamy Swiss cheese 35Kcal, a tbsp sugar free grape jam, a cup of my hot fresh mint tea just bought from my favorite Vietnamese supermarket with a touch of orange zest sweetened with splenda no calorie.

A great recipe and a great nutritious low calorie snack for cold afternoons with only 105 Kcal.
How does that sound to you? Wanna give it a try?

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