Trying to fit into that dress for that special party but can’t lose that extra few pounds that insist in staying even after hours of exercising?

I was, so I tried the diet below, but we gotta be careful. This diet must be 1 day only, just a way for you to fit into a dress without having to be starving for days because of that. If you follow for more than a day you can put your health at risk, also, please, do not try to eat the whole world back the day after ok?

So, here we have:

4oz Greek yogurt with
2 tbsp oats
1/2 fruit ( a serving size portion ) any fruit but banana

Morning snack
1 can of coconut water

1 cup steamed vegetables seasoned with lemon juice and salt.
4oz grilled fish fillet or chicken breast
1 diet jello

Afternoon snack
A shake made with 2 dried plums and 5oz non fat milk

a small bowl of your favorite kind of lettuce with
3 Brazil nuts or hazelnuts crushed and seasoned with
1 tsp olive oil and salt to taste
2 hard boiled eggs

Night snack
1 cup of non fat milk

Discipline and strong will is the secret for the day.