What a Saturday is being here, guess 24h is being so lil time for what I’ve acumulated to do here. Woke up so late, having to take my old one to the gym and trainning him then coming to my Yoga class, russhing home to cook, my kids are grown up but I dont like them to have a poorly nutritional meal, especially on the weekends that they tend to eat all sort of junkie and after a school week when not always they have goo food, for their choice or for school menu. My youngest one told me a few weeks ago that the school meal was over before he could even get to the line and the principal went to buy pizzas from his own pocket to feed the kids, I dont know what really happens with that school, but anyways, the day today needs to have a few extra hours, maybe a lot more.

I gotta still cleaning to make, vacuming, organizing, dishwashing, uffffff, I made a few seconds to come over and speak out a lil bit here cos sometimes I just feel im gonna blow out like a bomb, everything on my back, gotta think of me, house, troubleshooting, kids, professional, studyies, sometimes I got the feeling just a robot could do sucha things alone.

I still have my Etsy Store and Artfire Store that I sell for profiting for my Imediate Causes and to buy more material so I can keep my hobby and still help the cause.

Talking about that, I need to make more pieces, there are a lot of people around interesting in new colors for spring, this is what relaxes me most, my hobbies on making wired, hippie and vintage flaired stuff together with the delicious polymer clay art and my blogs I love.

I think if it wasn’t for that plus my yoga twice a week, I would have been already crazy or? who knows 😛

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