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Christmas is time for a ”self feedback”, time to pause a little while, settle down and reflect. Reflect not only about the world around you but also about the world inside you. what have you done to help your self improvement, to
make you a better you and be proud of what that ”you” became? I’ve been spending a lot of time asking that question myself and I really feel weird for I dont really think I have accomplished any self improvement myself. It is not tough for me to admit that as I’m pretty mature dealing with some of my weaknesses. The fact is, I look inside of me and I feel a big bit lost inside with all the turmoils going on. I don’t feel like talking or listening. I dont have patience with my challenging relatives just because they think a lot different from me or they have pretty much poor ideas I dont agree with among many other things, I would spend the night here if I was going to make a list. I know I will have a lot to face for the new year coming but one thing is sure, once you have the engine ignited, you can move on and try again and willing to try again is already a sign you can improve at least 1% more.
Face your monsters
Face yourself
Merry Christmas

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