The number of towns affected by flooding in Australia has already reached 40 and the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of the country is threatened. According to environmentalists, tons of waste and debris can be swept away by rivers and discharged into the sea, affecting part of the largest coral reef in the world.
In Queensland more than 12 000 houses were flooded and about 4,000 people are homeless. The monsoon rains that cause flooding can still last for three months, raising concern of authorities.

Estimated loss could reach over $ 5 billion (about U.S. $ 8.5 billion) and the cleaning and rehabilitation of roads and railways should last at least a year. The Prime Minister of Queensland, Anna Blingh announced the creation of a task force to begin work in the area of transport.

This is a disaster on an unprecedented scale – Said Anna.

In Rockhampton, one of the places most affected by the floods, the level of the river Fritzroy rose to 9.4 meters above normal, reaching its peak. Despite the military best efforts to raise levees and prevent water from entering the homes of the city, they could not prevent further flooding.