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We used the colors from several continents to paint the Brazilian: The colors of Africa; Colors of Europe; The colors of Asia.
The combination between them spawned endless identities, cultures and accents within a single country, Brazil.

But if our diversity is abundant, why we are still unequal in opportunities?
If our diversity should be celebrated, why children who are born different do not have equal rights?

Watch the above video and respond:
Which is more beautiful smile?
Which look is more worthy?
Which love is greater?
Which life is worth more?
Is any life worth less?

The right to survive is guaranteed to all children, but a Native child is twice as likely to die than a white child.

Inequality also affects black children. They are 25% more likely to die before reaching one year old than white children.

The right to protection has no ethnicity, but poverty in childhood has a color. It Reaches 32.9% of white children and 56% of black children. Why?

The right to learn also has no color but a Native child is three times more likely to be out of school than a white child. Of the 530,000 children who are out of school today, 62% of them are blacks.

Even though they are more than 54% of all children of the nation, black and indigenous children are the most excluded.

These numbers reflect in the daily life of every child and teenager. Be them black, white or the natives who live this reality of inequality, they carry the illusion that black, white and natives should occupy different places in society. Schools, TV programs, in the streets, books and folk stories for kids are developed with twisted images of social roles according to skin color.

UNICEF mission is collaborating with countries to ensure equal rights for every child and teenager. Brazil won significant improvements in the lives of their children, but the impacts of racism still has harmful effects on them.

Children were not born discriminating. Promoting social equality is critical for the social and economic development of a country. Participate. Contribute with your behavior.

Each of us can guarantee a country equality without discrimination. Value differences in childhood is to cultivate equality.


In the middle of a plate, a candle left

No one around,

Only her gazing at the empty space

What to say?

How to find out what she feels?

This was a perfect day

It seemed so joyful

She smiles at time

And thinks of him

She wants to live, scream, feel

She wants the universe over her

She wants to run free and find her place

Like a twist of fate

An accelerated melody

Like a song that never ends

She needed someone to understand

Understand how alone she was

In the middle of a crowd

What could she do?

She was a broken toy

The madness of all lovers

A blank Holliday

A forgotten spirit who returns

A castaway at sea

She was a summer of love

She was just herself

One more Victory on the ongoing battle against child pornography. A small victory indeed but a huge step towards freedom for our children on this planet.

MEXICO – A child pornography ring operating from Mexico City and contacting their victims through Facebook and Twitter, was thwarted by prosecution authorities of the state. It highlights the digital version of Mexican newspaper El Universal.

According to a statement from the General Federal District Attorney, the investigations to these alleged criminals began in September 2010. Through them we could discover that they used social networks to contact their victims, children aged between 8 and 14 years.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, the criminal group would have created child flirting pages and emails in order to have more contact with these children.

Sexual abuse

After getting intimate images of minors, these criminals would send the material to pedophiles from other countries in America and even Europe.

Besides the obvious gravity of the crime, the Mexican authorities are investigating because there are cases that have gone beyond the virtual, and have ended up with sexual abuse against minors, says El Universal.

One of the things that hinder the punishment of those responsible for these crimes is the lack of complaints by victims. Officials urge parents to monitor their children relationships established through social networks, and suggest not to let children interact with strangers.

The number of towns affected by flooding in Australia has already reached 40 and the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of the country is threatened. According to environmentalists, tons of waste and debris can be swept away by rivers and discharged into the sea, affecting part of the largest coral reef in the world.
In Queensland more than 12 000 houses were flooded and about 4,000 people are homeless. The monsoon rains that cause flooding can still last for three months, raising concern of authorities.

Estimated loss could reach over $ 5 billion (about U.S. $ 8.5 billion) and the cleaning and rehabilitation of roads and railways should last at least a year. The Prime Minister of Queensland, Anna Blingh announced the creation of a task force to begin work in the area of transport.

This is a disaster on an unprecedented scale – Said Anna.

In Rockhampton, one of the places most affected by the floods, the level of the river Fritzroy rose to 9.4 meters above normal, reaching its peak. Despite the military best efforts to raise levees and prevent water from entering the homes of the city, they could not prevent further flooding.

Christmas is time for a ”self feedback”, time to pause a little while, settle down and reflect. Reflect not only about the world around you but also about the world inside you. what have you done to help your self improvement, to
make you a better you and be proud of what that ”you” became? I’ve been spending a lot of time asking that question myself and I really feel weird for I dont really think I have accomplished any self improvement myself. It is not tough for me to admit that as I’m pretty mature dealing with some of my weaknesses. The fact is, I look inside of me and I feel a big bit lost inside with all the turmoils going on. I don’t feel like talking or listening. I dont have patience with my challenging relatives just because they think a lot different from me or they have pretty much poor ideas I dont agree with among many other things, I would spend the night here if I was going to make a list. I know I will have a lot to face for the new year coming but one thing is sure, once you have the engine ignited, you can move on and try again and willing to try again is already a sign you can improve at least 1% more.
Face your monsters
Face yourself
Merry Christmas

Supernatural and sexual contents are the allegations of ALA to put The Twilight Saga in the list of ”Challenged” books.

Stephanie Meyer’s Best Seller took the 5º place on the new rank of ”Challenged Books” this year. The criteria used by ALA include formal written complaints from any library or school asking for the material to excluded for content or decency.

“Vampire stories have been a target for years and Twilight saga are so popular that people are turning on the books their worries about vampires” says the director of association Office for Intellectual Freedom, Barbara Jones, according information from The associated Press.

By entering the rank, Twilight gets in the same level as The Catcher in the Rye, a novel by J. D. Salinger that despite being written in 1951 it is still on the list due to language and elevated sexual content.

Nevertheless, a title is missing on ”The American Index”. Harry Potter, which for years is being criticized for bringing up wizard’s stories and adventures, is not showing up among the 10 more ”challenged”. One more evidence that the position for the teen authoring of the moment is not J.K. Rowling’s any more. Well, life moves on and there’s always the next in line, in this case, waiting to be on top.

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According to the International Labor Office, 5.7 million children in Latin America and the Caribbean under the age of 17 are working under extremely harsh and hazardous conditions. Many have been forced to leave their families, and are struggling to survive on their own.

In Central America and Mexico, at least 80,000 to 100,000 kids are living on the streets. Often forced to perform dangerous and degrading labor, these children are at great risk of being physically or sexually exploited.

Watch this short video to learn about child labor, and what Covenant House is doing to provide a better life for these children in Central America.

Help us to spread the word, sharing this stories with as many friends and family members as possible, so that together we can take this nightmare to an end.

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In this new music video collaboration, 16 global artists celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The artists in the video include Yungchen Lhamo, a Tibetan musician who was born in a Chinese labor camp and at the age of 22 trekked across the Himalayas with her two-year old son to escape oppression from the Chinese regime.

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Accused of being sexist and disrespectful, video and ads featuring Paris Hilton, for a Brazilian Brewer Group Schincariol, gets banned.

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I was making some tests with wood textures for a work I gotta do, I gathered a fair amount of different ones to work with, so I thought of posting a few over here in case someone might be interested.

Updated Nov 2010

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