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Accused of being sexist and disrespectful, video and ads featuring Paris Hilton, for a Brazilian Brewer Group Schincariol, gets banned.

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It’s appalling how many women are dying in the United States from complications due to pregnancy and childbirth. The awful truth behind the shocking numbers is that half of these deaths can be prevented.

Many of these women have no access to health care or proper maternal care. In fact, nearly 13 million women between the ages of 15 and 44 – that’s one in five women of reproductive age – have no insurance at all. Many begin pregnancy with untreated or unmanaged conditions that can get worse with pregnancy.

The story only gets worse when you look at the rates of pregnancy-related deaths among minority women. African-American women are nearly four times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than white women. In high-risk pregnancies, the disparities are even greater; African-American women are five and a half times more likely to die than white women.

If we’re going to see to it that all pregnant women get the care that they deserve, then we have to convince Senators and Representatives to get with the program. That’s why from March 29-April 9th we’re taking our message to the streets – and hometowns – of our elected officials!

Help us bring the fight for women’s rights to your community by coordinating a meeting with your Senators and Representative.

During these dates, clusters of human rights supporters will mobilize in local districts across the country to tell elected officials face-to-face that these women don’t have to die. We’ve seen the powerful effect that these meetings have on Senators and Representatives. When they are forced to answer tough questions, they are forced to identify real solutions.

We can fight this tragedy, but we have to be organized! With your help, we can put this issue front and center in the hearts and minds of Senators and Representatives. Help coordinate a meeting in your local district.

Our government relations experts are on-hand to answer all your questions about how to organize an effective meeting and present the issue clearly. We have also prepared step-by-step guides to support your work and other instructional opportunities to ensure that you feel prepared before you meet with your elected officials.

Join our fight to prevent pregnancy-related deaths. We will not back down until a woman’s right to a safe childbirth is fully protected.

Chris McGraw
Grassroots Advocacy Program Director
Amnesty International USA

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From NFSC Co-Founder: Kique Bazan

Dear Friends:

What happened in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is nothing short of devastating. It is especially heart-wrenching for those who have seen the poverty and know the needs of the people firsthand.

Before the earthquake, Haiti was already the greatest hotbed of modern-day slavery in the region, containing an estimated 225,000 child slaves. These “restaveks” become domestic servants when their families, desperate to survive, sell them to other households. In 2008 I went to Haiti for my doctoral research and was horrified to see street children, mostly boys and some as young as six, being sold for sex at $1.75.

Since the earthquake, the news reports have revealed a reality that has turned from grim to desperate for the children of Haiti. Children are either separated from their families or orphaned, and traffickers are taking advantage of the situation. Save the Children says that one million unaccompanied children are vulnerable for trafficking in Haiti right now.

During my visit to Haiti I saw different strategies of work. I met people and organizations that are passionate about rediscovering people’s dignity, but I also experienced organizations that defined people by their victimhood. On one hand, it is important to see people’s tragedies in order to gain awareness and prevent the conditions that threaten their wellbeing. On the other, finding those stories that narrate the fulfillment of an individual’s own dreams, in the midst of tragedies, is greatly needed.

At 18-years-old, Fenol is a former “restavek” who escaped enslavement and is transforming his life. He was able to finish high school, get a job, and is preparing for college. As a result, he gained the respect of his peers and is a motivator for other restaveks to pursue their dreams. Fenol helps lead an organization composed of former slaves. These young people were deprived of the most basic human necessities, were neglected and abandoned, faced brutal violence, sexual exploitation, drug addiction, and human rights’ violations – yet they have found among each other the strength and support to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them. They created a system for long-term support and education to broaden their ability to actively participate in their own lives and future.

In the midst of the ruins, we find people like Fenol who are changing the face of Haiti by creating systems that offer concrete, positive results. While earthquakes are the products of nature, the lack of infrastructure and the enslavement of people are not. Therefore, in order to stop the proliferation of trafficking and ongoing vulnerability of children, the Not For Sale Campaign is connecting with individuals and organizations engaged on the ground in vital relief efforts.

One of the most pressing needs to address trafficking is the presence of trained volunteers who can accurately document and register vulnerable children. We are close to forging a partnership where NFSC will train volunteers in our Academy in effective mapping and documentation. Our goal is to equip at least a handful of volunteers for placements ranging from two weeks to a year in Haiti to assist with prevention efforts and to deploy their skills, resources and network to enable people’s dreams of freedom.

If you are interested in receiving training to work with Not For Sale’s efforts in Haiti, please contact us directly at:

Thank you for your ongoing support as we address modern-day slavery amidst this disaster. We will continue to keep you informed as we work to develop innovative solutions to fight trafficking in Haiti.


Kique Bazan
Co-founder & International Director
Not For Sale Campaign

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One question I’ve been constantly asking myself after seeing those pictures is: _How can a person in his/her perfect brain activity do this to their body? It’s skinning alive


As a hunger advocate, I know that early childhood hunger is a growing concern across America.
Now, a new study sponsored by the ConAgra Foods Foundation in cooperation with Feeding America shows that 3.5 million children under the age of five are food insecure.

“The startling fact that so many very young children in this country do not have adequate nutrition necessary to grow and develop into healthy adults is heartbreaking. It is all the more tragic when one considers that it is also entirely preventable,” says Vicki Escarra, president and CEO of Feeding America.

Learn more about the alarming results of this Child Hunger Study—Child Food Insecurity in the United States: 2005 – 2007.

The head of the Catholic Church in Ireland says he is profoundly ashamed and sorry about the findings of an extensive investigation into child abuse at Church-run institutions. Read More

Stop Abuse

Stope Abuse

My Indignation, vexation, shame with every aspect of human abuse under the UK Priest’s Red Carpet.

Child abuse has been kept under cover for years in a row.

In the Island of the well versed and saints and a country dominated by the catholic church peope were concerned about touching the wounds of phisical, emotional and sexual violence children were imposed under the care of the religious order supposed to guarding them.

Books were published about the atrocity and cruelty but disregarded under the thought they were simply fantasies.

As people were writing about the terrifying reality of their own experiences more and more the fear was dicipating and the world outside even more came to believe what couldnt be a fantasy.

Now those victims receive a poor apology from the church and government as if apologies were fair enough to heal those wounds that stayed there deeply into their souls, their mind and their hearts.

Those who hurt will never understand, at least in this life, that the bruises fade but the pain lasts forever.

stop slavery now

Human Trafficking: Everybody’s Business

26 March 2009 – The increased global scope of corporate activity today demands that businesses remain attentive to the many ways their operations can both positively and negatively affect human rights around the world. Although the connection between business and human trafficking may not be initially evident, human trafficking should be of pressing concern to companies – especially those with international operations and/or complex supply and production chains.

The increasingly complex composition of corporate activity, with various supplier and subcontractor relationships, challenges the ability of companies to monitor their activities around the world. However, because human trafficking violates international human rights norms and laws, often defies international labor standards, and regularly involves corruption, businesses should ensure that all elements of their operations, including their products, premises and services are not contributing to human trafficking. Doing so enables companies to manage risk and ensure that their reputation and integrity remain intact. Further, companies should consider ways to help eliminate the existence of human trafficking through the promotion of codes of conduct and corporate social responsibility in an effort to enhance stakeholder relationships and improve business environment.

In order to better understand corporate perceptions and concerns regarding human trafficking, raise awareness of the issues, and determine how the UN system can more effectively support business efforts to combat the problem, the UN Global Compact, UN.GIFT and the ILO teamed up to produce and administer a ‘Private Sector Survey on Human Trafficking’.

While companies did indicate that they were aware of human trafficking and there was a general consensus amongst participants that human trafficking is morally unacceptable, the relationship between business and human trafficking proved less evident to those who took the survey.

To access the full story click here













El Sabor de Una Mujer Exquisita

Una mujer exquisita no es aquella que más hombres tiene a sus pies, si no aquella que tiene uno solo que la hace realmente feliz.

Una mujer hermosa no es la más joven, ni la más flaca, ni la que tiene el cutis más terso o el cabello más llamativo, es aquella que con tan sólo una franca y abierta sonrisa y un buen consejo puede alegrarte la vida.

Una mujer valiosa no es aquella que tiene más títulos, ni más cargos académicos, es aquella que sacrifica su sueño temporalmente por hacer felices a los demás.

Una mujer exquisita no es la más ardiente (aunque si me preguntan a mí, todas las mujeres son muy ardientes… Los que estamos fuera de foco somos los hombres) sino la que vibra al hacer el amor solamente con el hombre que ama.

Una mujer interesante no es aquella que se siente halagada al ser admirada por su belleza y elegancia, es aquella mujer firme de carácter que puede decir NO.

Y un HOMBRE……..

UN HOMBRE EXQUISITO es aquel que valora a una mujer así…………..

Que se siente orgulloso de tenerla como compañera….

Que sabe tocarla como un músico virtuosísimo toca su amado instrumento…..

Que lucha a su lado compartiendo todos sus roles, desde lavar platos y atender tripones, hasta devolverle los masajes y cuidados que ella le prodigó antes…

La verdad, compañeros hombres, es que las mujeres en eso de ser ‘Muy machas’ nos llevan gran recorrido…

¡Qué tontos hemos sido, y somos cuando valoramos el regalo solamente por la vistosidad de su empaque…!

¡Tonto y mil veces tonto el hombre que come mierda en la calle, teniendo un exquisitito manjar en casa!

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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