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We used the colors from several continents to paint the Brazilian: The colors of Africa; Colors of Europe; The colors of Asia.
The combination between them spawned endless identities, cultures and accents within a single country, Brazil.

But if our diversity is abundant, why we are still unequal in opportunities?
If our diversity should be celebrated, why children who are born different do not have equal rights?

Watch the above video and respond:
Which is more beautiful smile?
Which look is more worthy?
Which love is greater?
Which life is worth more?
Is any life worth less?

The right to survive is guaranteed to all children, but a Native child is twice as likely to die than a white child.

Inequality also affects black children. They are 25% more likely to die before reaching one year old than white children.

The right to protection has no ethnicity, but poverty in childhood has a color. It Reaches 32.9% of white children and 56% of black children. Why?

The right to learn also has no color but a Native child is three times more likely to be out of school than a white child. Of the 530,000 children who are out of school today, 62% of them are blacks.

Even though they are more than 54% of all children of the nation, black and indigenous children are the most excluded.

These numbers reflect in the daily life of every child and teenager. Be them black, white or the natives who live this reality of inequality, they carry the illusion that black, white and natives should occupy different places in society. Schools, TV programs, in the streets, books and folk stories for kids are developed with twisted images of social roles according to skin color.

UNICEF mission is collaborating with countries to ensure equal rights for every child and teenager. Brazil won significant improvements in the lives of their children, but the impacts of racism still has harmful effects on them.

Children were not born discriminating. Promoting social equality is critical for the social and economic development of a country. Participate. Contribute with your behavior.

Each of us can guarantee a country equality without discrimination. Value differences in childhood is to cultivate equality.


Supernatural and sexual contents are the allegations of ALA to put The Twilight Saga in the list of ”Challenged” books.

Stephanie Meyer’s Best Seller took the 5º place on the new rank of ”Challenged Books” this year. The criteria used by ALA include formal written complaints from any library or school asking for the material to excluded for content or decency.

“Vampire stories have been a target for years and Twilight saga are so popular that people are turning on the books their worries about vampires” says the director of association Office for Intellectual Freedom, Barbara Jones, according information from The associated Press.

By entering the rank, Twilight gets in the same level as The Catcher in the Rye, a novel by J. D. Salinger that despite being written in 1951 it is still on the list due to language and elevated sexual content.

Nevertheless, a title is missing on ”The American Index”. Harry Potter, which for years is being criticized for bringing up wizard’s stories and adventures, is not showing up among the 10 more ”challenged”. One more evidence that the position for the teen authoring of the moment is not J.K. Rowling’s any more. Well, life moves on and there’s always the next in line, in this case, waiting to be on top.

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I received this letter a few hours ago, took action right away and now I’m waiting on you to do your part……

Mexico’s Attorney General’s office has identified 34 police officers who are suspects in the rape, assault and brutal treatment of dozens of women. But sheer neglect from officials in Mexico’s highest ranks has delayed justice for nearly four years.

There’s no better day than today to signal to Mexican officials that the rights of these women will never be forgotten. Help us send a tidal wave of emails supporting these women to the offices of Mexico’s President, ambassador to the U.S. and the governor of Mexico State!

Police detained the women during a local protest in May 2006. Some women who weren’t even involved in the demonstrations were swept up in the massive arrests. They were beaten and herded into police vans. On the way to prison, officers took turns sexually assaulting the women.

Nearly four years later, they are still waiting for justice.

Accountability for these crimes may be moving at a glacial speed, but your messages do have power. The former federal Attorney General had dragged his feet on this issue for months. At the time of the attacks, he was in charge of the same police officers who were implicated in the assaults. But because of you, his office was compelled to identify 34 suspects – bringing us one giant step closer to finally prosecuting those responsible.

Even though his office has now punted responsibility to the state of Mexico, which is the governor’s jurisdiction, it’s clear that we’re putting pressure on all the right places.

Help us keep the heat on Mexican officials to ensure justice for the women of Atenco!

We can’t let this opportunity slide through our fingers. The crimes have been exposed. The suspected culprits have been named. Now is the time to uphold and protect human rights!

No more sweeping brutal beatings and rapes under the rug in Mexico.
Ensure that those responsible for these crimes are brought to justice.

Thank you for standing with us,

Michael O’Reilly
Campaign Director, Individuals at Risk
Amnesty International USA

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It’s appalling how many women are dying in the United States from complications due to pregnancy and childbirth. The awful truth behind the shocking numbers is that half of these deaths can be prevented.

Many of these women have no access to health care or proper maternal care. In fact, nearly 13 million women between the ages of 15 and 44 – that’s one in five women of reproductive age – have no insurance at all. Many begin pregnancy with untreated or unmanaged conditions that can get worse with pregnancy.

The story only gets worse when you look at the rates of pregnancy-related deaths among minority women. African-American women are nearly four times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than white women. In high-risk pregnancies, the disparities are even greater; African-American women are five and a half times more likely to die than white women.

If we’re going to see to it that all pregnant women get the care that they deserve, then we have to convince Senators and Representatives to get with the program. That’s why from March 29-April 9th we’re taking our message to the streets – and hometowns – of our elected officials!

Help us bring the fight for women’s rights to your community by coordinating a meeting with your Senators and Representative.

During these dates, clusters of human rights supporters will mobilize in local districts across the country to tell elected officials face-to-face that these women don’t have to die. We’ve seen the powerful effect that these meetings have on Senators and Representatives. When they are forced to answer tough questions, they are forced to identify real solutions.

We can fight this tragedy, but we have to be organized! With your help, we can put this issue front and center in the hearts and minds of Senators and Representatives. Help coordinate a meeting in your local district.

Our government relations experts are on-hand to answer all your questions about how to organize an effective meeting and present the issue clearly. We have also prepared step-by-step guides to support your work and other instructional opportunities to ensure that you feel prepared before you meet with your elected officials.

Join our fight to prevent pregnancy-related deaths. We will not back down until a woman’s right to a safe childbirth is fully protected.

Chris McGraw
Grassroots Advocacy Program Director
Amnesty International USA

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How many times we look at ourselves on the mirror wishing for a big change and being someone else?
How many times we let life take control of our intents to succeed?
How many times we look around and see people we know, even our family members so easily going up levels in life that we couldnt imagine possible while we are still here at same level seeming for always?

How many times we feel frail and weak, we want to cry, talking, being ourselves, but nobody will notice.
How many times we feel like going away. starting another life, in a far distant place where no one can ever guess who we are?
How many times we felt we completely failed by any means?

Then we catch ourselves in a thought: “How about that changing once and for all? How about opening my own doors ( I have so many inside myself) letting in and letting out, anything, facing life up for a challenge, I’m my own challenge.

I’m the only one who can change everything, the only who can get my self respect back and not losing it again.
I can give myself a chance to be happy, I can learn to be happy, smile, to be heard, to be powerful, I can only release the power within, within myself.

The way people treat me depends only on the way I make them see me, I can make them see me with different eyes, loving myself so I can love others, changing my behavior towards myself, being more self confident, only I can do it, nobody else will change in my place.

I gotta look on the mirror wishing to be myself and having this exactly same life I have right now because is with this life I have that I’m gonna make the difference.
I can’t let life take control of my intents to be successful, i’m going to succeed no matter what, I’m the responsable for that, for my own success or fail, it’s my only choice and chose to go over it keeping in mind success is not at all about money or being a millionaire, now, I will find out what’s success is all about.

I can’t be affected by the capacity of others climbing upper levels easier than me, I’m not disabled, I still can be up and running to go up my own levels, I will just not stop, that’s why I have a brain and legs to run and whenever I can’t run, I will walk, and when I can’t walk any more, I will crawl but will not stop.

I will not feel frail and weak as I know we all have our moments and crying is much like about sex, when we explode and put everything out, we will just feel relaxed, so I will cry yes, I will talk and speak out loud my feelings and thoughts to people cos sometimes they just happen to pretend ignoring to try out our capacity of dealing with indifference.

I will start a new life right here, a new life within myself, full of strength and powerful desire, I’ll change my way to look at the world, I’ll be positive and clean, light and honest with myself, and life will start treating me more positively and cleaner and lighter and more honest cos she will notice I’m trying and she will give me back what im giving to her.”

This is what i’m finding out in my half way journey

“Life is a great University but it only can teach so little to the ones who dont know how to be a pupil”

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What a Saturday is being here, guess 24h is being so lil time for what I’ve acumulated to do here. Woke up so late, having to take my old one to the gym and trainning him then coming to my Yoga class, russhing home to cook, my kids are grown up but I dont like them to have a poorly nutritional meal, especially on the weekends that they tend to eat all sort of junkie and after a school week when not always they have goo food, for their choice or for school menu. My youngest one told me a few weeks ago that the school meal was over before he could even get to the line and the principal went to buy pizzas from his own pocket to feed the kids, I dont know what really happens with that school, but anyways, the day today needs to have a few extra hours, maybe a lot more.

I gotta still cleaning to make, vacuming, organizing, dishwashing, uffffff, I made a few seconds to come over and speak out a lil bit here cos sometimes I just feel im gonna blow out like a bomb, everything on my back, gotta think of me, house, troubleshooting, kids, professional, studyies, sometimes I got the feeling just a robot could do sucha things alone.

I still have my Etsy Store and Artfire Store that I sell for profiting for my Imediate Causes and to buy more material so I can keep my hobby and still help the cause.

Talking about that, I need to make more pieces, there are a lot of people around interesting in new colors for spring, this is what relaxes me most, my hobbies on making wired, hippie and vintage flaired stuff together with the delicious polymer clay art and my blogs I love.

I think if it wasn’t for that plus my yoga twice a week, I would have been already crazy or? who knows 😛

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The cold and harsh weather is knocking at our door but that doesn’t mean we have to care less about our hair than on summer time, winter can also damages our hair almost as summer does, especially when the use of hair dryer doubles as we will never be stepping outside with a head of wet hair in that blustery air.

So for us to start taking care of our hair in winter exactly as we take care of our skin I have researched a few interesting, effective and most important, natural recipes and some of them even used over the years by me and my cousins, so here the two proved most effective with the hair types below:

1- Dried Hair – Carrot, Avocado and Vitamin E Mask:


1 carrot
1/2 avocado
1 table spoon of sweet almond oil
1 tbs of honey
1 cup of natural yogurt
1 capsule of de vitamin E

How to Prepare:
Wash your hair with shampoo before applying the mask. Blend all the ingredients together in a blender for about 5min, separate your hair in small locks and apply the mixture in each one of them from root to tips with a brush or fine comb, when finishing applying all over your hair, cover your your head with a large piece of foil for about 40min. Rinse well after the 40min, apply your preferred conditioner and let it dry naturally. Repeat that procedure every 2 weeks.

2- Oily Hair – Rosemary Spinach Mask:


3 cups of Spinach slightly chopped
2 tbs of fresh Rosemary leaves
1 tea bag without the tea

How to Prepare:

Cook the spinach with 3 tbs of water then blend it together with the rosemary leaves put everything into the tea bag and apply gently all over your hair in separate locks, leaving in for about 30min.

Important: Before making use of any kind of masque do a test on your skin before using it on your hair. That must be done to avoid any kind of allergic reaction on your body.

Have everything cleaned up before preparing any masque, the success of your treatment depends on the hygiene of your materials also.

And last but not least, do not substitute any ingredient on the recipes even if you find it is going to have a better effect.

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Just heard of a new blog and went right by there to check it out and, surprisingly, for me, I could watch a beautiful testimony of a beautiful girl who denominates herself a ”big girl” Well, I dont think she’s that big but the thing is her blog is awesome and I loved it.

It’s a blog full of fun, information and good vibes, showing big girls how to pull through the difficulty of being ”big” discovering from the inner self the ability to cope with ignorance and bringing out the ability to love themselves for what they are.

Being big doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy, sensual, beautiful, attractive, smart, intelligent, elegant, you can have all of those qualities and even more, much more I can say. You are a person, that’s who you are, a person with feelings and brain, a person who can love and be loved, you are a person, not a size, so look inside and find out how wonderfully you can enjoy life, being happy and making people happy.

This is what reading that testimony made me feel and I hope those girls, no matter what happens, do not keep from bringing to us their thought and feelings and sharing with us what only us can feel on our skin, the happily truth of being big.

Thank you Mulherao

Found good ideas for a ”green” Christmas and a pretty easy way to save money with this recession time.

Soda Can Christmas Tree

Cardboard Christmas Tree

Recycled Paper Christmas Tree

Magazines Christmas Tree

Disposable Forks Christmas Tree

Plastic Bottles Christmas Tree

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I was reading someone’s Post and that reminded me of my writings and one of them is a especial one writen in Italian.

I write many things in many languages, sometimes I dont remember if it’s a song or a poem and in this case, forgive my Italian but I thought at the time I wrote it fit my emotions very right and here no matter the grammar but the feelings…

Le rose piangono
Tuo profumo adesso si transformi in lacrime,
Io me sento troppo perduta
Le rose allora piangono

Piange mi anima,
Come un uccello con le ali dannegiatta,
In il mio sogno Io cerco a te
Piange allora mi anima

Che invadono il mio cuore
Parole d’anima
Il puro linguaggio d’amore

Piangono le rose
Perche tu non vuoi essere qui
In assenza de tuo profumo
Io giá so che te ho perdutto
E tra le altre cose
Io piango per te

Me manche il aroma
che ho sentito quando me abbracciarvi tu
Senza tuo corpo
Senza il tuoi bacci
No c’è motivo di vivere

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