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In the middle of a plate, a candle left

No one around,

Only her gazing at the empty space

What to say?

How to find out what she feels?

This was a perfect day

It seemed so joyful

She smiles at time

And thinks of him

She wants to live, scream, feel

She wants the universe over her

She wants to run free and find her place

Like a twist of fate

An accelerated melody

Like a song that never ends

She needed someone to understand

Understand how alone she was

In the middle of a crowd

What could she do?

She was a broken toy

The madness of all lovers

A blank Holliday

A forgotten spirit who returns

A castaway at sea

She was a summer of love

She was just herself


To all the women that made and make my life everyday
To my craft friends,
My teachers, My neighbors
My friends, colleagues, co-workers
To the ones who fight by my side and against me,
To the ones in Iraq, Mozambique, Haiti,
To the ones in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Chile
Mexico or wherever they could be
The rich ones, the healthy, the sick
The ones in prayer on their knees
To the abused, scared and hurt
To the homeless, slave, forced to serve
To the mothers, grandmothers, aunties and cousins and sisters
My thoughts are for you, this is your Day
And no matter how hard life is
The power of every change lies only inside of you

Besides loving Petrarca I also love Guittone D’arezzo founder of The Tuscan School of courtly Poetry and creator of the ”Sweet New Style”.
Particularly Amor m’ ha Priso is one of my Favourites.

Amor m’ a priso e incarnato tutto,
e a lo core di sé fa ponsanza,
e di ciascuno menbro tragge frutto,
dapoi che priso à tanto di possanza.

Doglia, onta, danno àme condutto
e del mar meo mi fa ‘ver disïanza,
e del ben di lei spietato m’è ‘n tutto:
sì meve e ciascun c’ama à ‘n disdegnanza;

Spessamente il chiam’e dico : ”Amore,
chi t’ à dato di me tal signoraggio,
ch’ ài conquiso meo senno e meo valore?”

Eo prego che tti facci meo messaggio
e che vadi davante ‘l tuo signore
e d’ esto convenente lo fa ‘saggio.

Guittone D’arezzo *1257

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