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In the middle of a plate, a candle left

No one around,

Only her gazing at the empty space

What to say?

How to find out what she feels?

This was a perfect day

It seemed so joyful

She smiles at time

And thinks of him

She wants to live, scream, feel

She wants the universe over her

She wants to run free and find her place

Like a twist of fate

An accelerated melody

Like a song that never ends

She needed someone to understand

Understand how alone she was

In the middle of a crowd

What could she do?

She was a broken toy

The madness of all lovers

A blank Holliday

A forgotten spirit who returns

A castaway at sea

She was a summer of love

She was just herself


A dream to us is common thing, I know
When setting the sun
Therefore I will dream
The most beautiful dream

In my dreams, I see a cradle
I lean over in tears down my face
In that state, crying,
lull the son I want to embrace

Sleep my little one,
Sleep night is falling
your father is feeling so lonely
With so much love he’s aching

Suddenly I see him to become
A little boy, exactly like me
he comes, running, to kiss me
When I arrive from where I came from

A little boy always with questions to ask
An Infinite world of question
A little son to whom I give all my love
To whom I answer only ”yes”

Sleep my unquiet boy
Sleep, live is coming over
Your father is so tired
His ache is getting no better

When life at last comes to take me
For all it had given
I will feel his beard touching
In a last kiss of him

And feeling so his hand
our eyes detain
Listening to the sound of his voice
In a lull of good-bye

Sleep, my father, with no distress
Sleep, that when the night falls
Your son dreams awake
With the son he wants to embrace.

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